Interval International

With more than 2,500 resorts in 75 countries across six continents, Interval International offers members a dazzling array of vacation choices.  For 35 years, Interval has been the standard that other exchange companies have been striving for.  Your membership at Cranberry Waterfront Suites entitles you to an exclusive membership with Interval and allows you to travel the world.

Whether you are looking to ski down the Alps, soak up a little sun in the Caribbean, or travel close to home, Interval can get you there.

Cranberry Waterfront Suites has been a Premier Resort partner since their debut in 2007.  The benefits of an Interval International membership are only available to affiliated resorts. Premier Resorts provide an outstanding vacation experience with state of the art conveniences and modern features.

To explore more about Interval International and our Club, book a preview special today and get the most out of your precious vacation time.